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Easy Storage and retrieval on your doorstep.
Unbeatable prices at the lowest price!


Imagine a hotel:

The reception is at the entrance, it has several floors, a long bright corridors to get to the several hotel room, as this you are likely to imagine mobileslager. The storage boxes are available for you.

However, there is no reception at us, but a client's office. And instead of a comfortable hotel room there with us just lockable boxes and storage rooms of various sizes.

Offices for short term stays as well as for long-term use are, ready furnished with furniture, printer and Internet connection ready to move in. Save costs, and get this useful service.

Our flexible rental compartments and boxes are suitable for a variety of life situations, such as: moving to a smaller apartment, storage of sports equipment. A student who moves abroad, and wants to safely store his belongings in the meantime, to the pensioners who goes to the nursing home, but his apartment dissolves the furniture and would like to keep them safely for his grandchildren. They have also determined a particular reason why you want a storage box or a storage room mobileslager hire.