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To Contact

1 How much lead time is needed?

To be sure contact us at least 2 weeks in advance at 0900987654. For less than 2 weeks, call 0900987654.

2 When is the contract signed?

Mobileslager brings the box to the address of your choice. The box will be delivered after payment of the invoice, which we will send you in advance by email or by mail with the account details and a payment slip.

3 What do you need at the contract conclusion?

We require the security deposit (CHF 300.- plus VAT.), the first month's rent and a photocopy of your ID which is identical to the bill recipient.

Reserve Parking Space

1 Where is the storage box provided?

Mobileslager brings the storage box to the place where you require it, and throughout Switzerland, if necessary through Europe.

2 How do I reserve a parking space?

You have several options:
It's best to use a car as a placeholder. You can also use a barrier tape or something similar to reserve a parking space. Also helpful are wooden crates or cardboard boxes which are labeled. Otherwise ask the caretaker, he can also help you.

3 How do I reserve a parking space?

You have several options:
It's best to use a car as a placeholder.
You can also use a barrier tape or reserve using wooden crates or cardboard boxes and write on them.
Asking for the caretaker to assist may also be possible.

4 How big does the parking space have to be?

With 30 minutes loading time, the space should be at least one car length.

5 Who pays the parking fee?

You are responsible for the parking fee.


1 Where can I store?

You can store on the agreed date made ​​by the payment of the invoice and confirmation of the appointment at mobileslager in Krauchthal Laufeweg 1.
It is advised to prepare everything beforehand so that loading can be done in 30 minutes. If you need help, please inquire us.

2 And if storing for 30 minutes is not sufficient?

No problem, after 30 minutes you can pay for every additional 15 minutes each Fr.25 .-- + VAT. In exceptional cases we also allow storing the storage box of mobileslager for several days at your place. If you want this, please inquire us.mobilslager

3 Can I bring my items directly to the warehouse of Mobileslager?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us at the number 0900 987 654 to arrange an appointment.

4 How much fit into the storage box of Mobileslager?

Your storage box has a volume of 6.77 m3

5 What can I store?

In the storage box of mobileslager you are able to storage almost all kinds of goods:
Household items, furniture, tools, household appliances, business equipment and files.
The following goods can NOT be stored:
Temperature-containing goods such as Food and/or wine, and highly explosive substances/liquid. Also flammable objects are NOT allowed.

Temporary Storage

1 What do I do if I need access to my storage box of mobileslager?

You have stored various things with us and want to take anything out of the storage box of mobileslager? Or you wish to store items into the storage box locally in Krauchthal Laufeweg 1?
No problem:
Send us an email or call us at 0900 987 654. Contact us at least 3 days in advance to 12.00 noon. We provide you with the storage box during business hours in Krauchthal Laufeweg 1 ready.
In emergencies we can provide you the storage box of mobileslager within 12 hours. Ask us at 0900 987 654.

2 How long can the items be stored?

You can store your items in the storage box of mobileslager as long as you want us to hold it. The high-bay warehouse is heated and dry. There is no time limitation.

3 Are the items insured?

No, for the insurance you are responsible. You can enclose /co-insure your items in your household insurance.


1 What precaution should I make when retrieving?

Make an appointment with us at 0900987654 for the delivery of the storage box of mobileslager. Afterwards we will send you a bill. Once this is settled we will deliver the storage box on schedule. The space has been reserved since the night before. Unload and you're done!

We are pleased to be able to help.

Your mobileslager.ch Team