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5 stages of emotion when moving

5 stages of emotion when moving

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can go through, but there are so many other emotions involved that people forget about. Mobiles Lager based in Krauchthal will help remind you that the process can make you excited, nostalgic and, in most cases, relieved once you’re settled and happy in your brand new home.

1. Stress

Stress is inevitability when planning any move. From finding the right house, dealing with estate agents and signing endless paperwork, it can be so overwhelming that you think about abandoning the idea altogether.

But please don’t despair – there are many things you can do to limit the stress you might experience before moving. Make sure to read Mobiles Lager moving tips and tricks ensuring you have everything you need ready for moving day. Just remember, once you get past this stage, the exciting part begins!


2. Excitement

So, you when you started packing, that’s when the whole thing becomes real. You’re actually moving house, (hopefully) to somewhere better. Think of the possibilities: a new area, new people, are you getting the garden you always dreamed of? Somewhere you’re kids could play?

A lot of people see packing as the stressful and tiring part of a move, but it doesn’t have to be. The company Mobiles lager in Krauchthal will help make the process smooth and efficient.


When everything is packed and the boxes get into the Mobiles Lager Krauchthal trailer, you might feel nostalgic and even sad looking around your empty house. Houses are filled with so many memories that it’s normal to become attached and feel upset at the thought of leaving and not coming back this time.

This is especially true if you are moving from your family home, or if you have experienced major milestones in the house like marriage and children. Try and remember that you’re packing and taking everything that made that house your own with you to the new place, including the memories. Soon you won’t be able to imagine living anywhere other than your new house.

4. Happiness

Arriving with the Mobiles Lager at your new property is the best part – you can finally move in! After months of planning and organizing, all that work seems worth it in the end.

You can now enjoy all the things you’ve been looking forward to during the move. Explore your new area, including any local pubs or clubs, or if you have kids, find the nearest park or playground.

But most importantly, you can now unpack, decorate and start creating your dream home.

5. Relief

Finally, all the uncertainty surrounding the move is over – your prized possessions and personal belongings have been safely stored away. You no longer have to deal with multiple calls and letters from estate agents and most importantly, the house is now yours to do with what you please.

If you are moving house and experiencing any of these emotions, remember they are completely normal!