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Great moving tips and tricks

Great moving tips and tricks

Moving can be overwhelming but Krauchthal based Mobiles Lager will help you with tips to break down thing down and organize your things wisely it become more manageable. Start the packing process early. The earlier you begin packing the more organized and stress-free you’ll be on your moving day with mobiles lager.

5 tips before moving day

1. Get stocked up on packing supplies from Krauchthal based Mobiles Lager. Moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing foam, packing tape, plastic totes – anything and everything you can gather ahead of time will help when it’s time to begin packing.

2. Clear floor space in your home in four different locations and mark each area: Packed Boxes to Move, Charity Donations, Giveaway/Return, and Sell. These areas are where you will put these items until you’re finished packing your things.

3. Make large print signs for your new home with room names: Living Room, Family Room, Master Bedroom, Sally’s Room, Sally’s Bathroom, etc. These signs will make it easier on you and anyone helping you move boxes with mobiles lager and into your new place. Bring a roll of painter’s tape with you in your essentials kit and plan to hang the signs immediately upon getting access to your new place.

4. Label the top and all four sides of a box with a short explanation of what is in the box (Toys) and what room the box should be placed in at the new house (Bobby’s Room). You want to label the top and sides so that the box can be facing in any direction and you can still know what is inside it and where to take it.

5. Set packing goals the same way you set other goals in your life. Be as specific as possible: Pack the living room on Monday, the garage on Tuesday, or whatever systematic method works best for you.